Vp Shipping Rate

VP Shipping Rates for WooCommerce

Easily set shipping rates based on a variety of conditions to match your business requirements in your WooCommerce store.

Review Reminder E-mails for WooCommerce

Remind your customers to leave a review about their recent purchase, combined with a custom thank you page and image uploads

Additional Email Content for WooCommerce

Append additional text or html content in all of your WooCommerce email templates based on various conditions

Extra Cart Fees for WooCommerce

Fixed or optional fees in the shopping cart based on various conditions, like payment method, shipping method, product category and more

Orders Summary for WooCommerce

Print a simple list of orders or order items that can be useful for collecting items for shipping or checking our product from inventory

User Guides for WooCommerce

Upload PDF user guides for products, which are sent to the customer by e-mail and can be downloaded from the product page too