Orders Summary for WooCommerce

Print a simple list of orders or order items. Useful for collecting items for shipping.

Grouped by products

Generate a printable list of products with a single click, indicating the quantity and SKU. Useful for getting items out from inventory.

Grouped by orders

Print a list of your recent orders, showing the most important details: order number, name, address, customer note and the line items.

Filter by status

You can setup one or more order statuses and on your summary, only orders in the selected status will appear.

Net price. Single purchase. Use it on as many websites as you like.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will receive your download file via email upon payment.

The plugin will notify you that there is an update available directly in the WordPress Dashboard, same as the other plugins. You can update with a single click.

Sure, just send me an e-mail, but please describe what you are looking for, maybe i can implement your feature request.